Refund Policy

1. Dispute Resolution Mechanism on Transaction and Refund

In the event of any dispute of any Transaction raised by the Seller, Satu shall be available during Business Days and Business Hours. Each Seller can contact their respective designated service account manager via phone or email or contact Satu’s general contact number or via an email at

A service level commitment for purpose of resolving the dispute raised shall be as follows: - 

  1. Satu shall at its best effort, provide initial response to any general questions and queries within forty-eight (48) hours; and
  2. any specific transaction disputes, refund and chargeback queries (only applicable to credit card processing), Satu shall endeavour to resolve such dispute within seven (7) working days from the date of the initial response from Satu, provided always that the Seller shall cooperate fully with all requests by Satu including respond within the timeframe given and submission of any supporting documents from Seller.

For the avoidance of doubt, Seller shall follow the following dispute resolution process for any general issues or disputes: - 

  1. Seller calls or email Satu at a given address;
  2. Satu’s service account manager will perform first level checking on the issue or dispute to determine the nature and severity level of the issue or dispute;
  3. if service account manager is not able to resolve the issue or dispute, such issue will be forwarded to the Satu operations team for second level checks;
  4. if the operations team is unable to resolve the issue or dispute, it will be routed to the respective Satu technical support team depending on the nature of the issue for resolution; and
  5. any resolution will be routed back to service account manager to contact Seller.

Procedures for chargeback Dispute (Not applicable for e-wallet transaction) The chargeback process will be initiated by the Customer through the Issuer and to Seller’s acquiring bank. If the transaction is deemed valid by the Seller, Seller will be required to need to submit additional supporting documents or information to Satu. The Issuer then decides, based on the information, to accept or decline the chargeback.

For the avoidance of doubt, Satu shall assume the role of a merchant acquirer. As the Issuer represents the cardholder (i.e. customer) in the process of chargeback, and Satu merely as the acquirer which enables the Sellers to accept payments via Unified Payment Solution, Satu shall only be the intermediary between Issuer and Sellers and hold no legal and financial responsibility in a chargeback dispute. Seller acknowledge and agree that it shall be fully and solely accountable for liaising with the Issuer and shall compensate Satu for any assistance or liability it has incurred as a result of any claims made by any other party.

2. Procedure for unresolved dispute

If disputes are unresolved between Customer and Seller through the chargeback process, either Party may re-submit chargeback with additional information from either party (i.e. cardholder or merchant). The Parties agree that this is a mandatory step prior to proceeding to arbitration or court for resolution. In the event of failure of this second resubmission, the aggrieved party may bring such dispute to the court or arbitration. In such case, Seller hereby acknowledges that Satu shall not be the party be involved or be brought in such proceedings and shall strictly be between Seller and the Customer. Seller shall indemnify Satu in the event of Satu suffers any loss or damages (including any legal fees and costs) directly or indirectly arising out of its breach of this clause.

3. Refund

Subject to the terms by the individual Issuer, Satu shall at its sole discretion, elect to refund any MDR. In the event of any conflicting provisions between the terms imposed by the Issuer and Satu, Satu’s discretion in this regard shall prevail. Satu will not be required to enquire or investigate further on the validity of such refund. Seller undertakes to resolve any disputes on the refund with the Customer and shall indemnify Satu for any claims made by any third party as a result such refund.